Joseph Buckingham

Born in Germany, raised in Hollis Queens and presently living in Long Island NY.
Graduated from the High School and Art & Design (NYC) and New York Institute of Technology (NY)


My art is a result of a free flowing mind seeking to express my many ideas, observations and experiences of my life growing up in New York. I was especially fascinated by the visuals of the 1970's and 1980's in New York City and the 5 boroughs. The gritty texture and layers juxtaposed with colorful graffiti was absolutely captivating to me. New York was a fantastically romantic destructive place at that time. The city was rife with creative artistic energy and I became trapped in its web. New York City was full of 

My Icon driven paintings are often a medium of transporting the old energy of the city that I experienced to the present sometimes infusing it with modern forms of communication languages. I created a sort of icon short hand to further help express my ideas the same way graffiti did for me as a kid.  Ideally I would like for my viewers to appreciate my work at a glance but also be able to find more and more and overtime they recognize and connect some of the fragments, notations and marking scattered throughout my pieces. 

The carved pieces are fueled by the never ending electric energy, movement and sound of the city often displayed in bold bright colors. I attempt to freeze frame a moment in time much like a photographer. A moment that speaks volumes with no beginning and no end.

All of these thoughts, images and ideals are the result of a wide-eyed kid growing up in New York and finding art for the first time on the trains and walls of the city.


My Style
I describe my style of painting as Pop Art, Fauvism, Primitivism and sometimes Abstract.

My mediums of choice are acrylics, oil pastels, paint pens and anything else that helps to get my pointacross. I love the versatility and drying speed of acrylics, they are ideal for painting on the fly.

My Substrate of choice is homasote and masonite. Homasote is recycled paper pressed together to form a 1/2 inch thick piece of cardboard like material often used for soundproofing. Its versatility is what I have come to love. It is durable yet pliable enough to carve, cut, and build with if needed. I can create three-dimensional works like that of wood yet only using basic art tools.




Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (Group Show)  / New York - Date : 02.10.1996

Great Neck Library (Group Show) / Long Island NY , Date : 01.31.1997

The Sound of Art/ Life Beat (Group Show) /  Puck Building , New York - Date : 11.12.2002

Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba (Group Show) / New York - Date : 09.5.2003

The Sound of Art/Pepsi/Apple Show (Group Show) / Apple Store, Soho, NY - Date : 02. 24. 2005

Rebirth of ILL (Group Show) / The Nubian Heritage Art Gallery , NY - Date : 09.16.2007

Scratch Bomb Spit Break (Solo Show)  / VAULT 2498 Frederick Douglass Blvd. , NY - Date: 05 .03 .2008

Vessels of Complexity (Solo Show) / Toor Project Gallery Space , Jinguame Shibuya, Tokyo - Date 06. 06. 2009

Art of Music (Group Show) / TooR Project Gallery Space , Jinguame Shibuya, Tokyo - Date 11. 23. 2009

Random Axis Memories (Small Solo Exhibition) / Project 2050, 62 White St. NYC - Date: 10-13-2010




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