Formally Known as

ArtilleryDS Defined:
Art: an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements, as words, sounds, color or shape, etc. / Till: up to such time as; until: death do us part. / Ery: a business, or place where something is art, trade, or profession.
/ DS: Design Studio



My Specialty:
I specialize in something I call corporate cool, running a fine line between trendy and mainstay classic aesthetics. I put my all into every design so that it increases you businesses productivity, because if you're happy then I am happy. And if we are both happy we can prosper together.

You brand is the first and main visible aspect of your company that will signify the quality of your product or service. It should be easily identified even from a distance by way of color and shape. We created fully scalable vector logo designs that will work under any size requirements. This eliminates timely and costly print dilemmas by remaining crisp and sharp at any scale.
Logos, business cards, letterhead, promotional items, we do it all.

Fashion Design:
Having over 18 years in fashion design I serve up some of the best designs around. Whether it be screen print, embroidery, repeat patterns, to catalog pages we have you covered. My Knowledge of the print process enables me to accurately turn out a print ready product.
I will also consult, and suggest alternative trend cues at your request.

Print Design:
From Corporate clean to hip kid cool we have you covered when it comes to your print needs. Design it right, and they will come. I design to capture the mood of the situation. If done right it should stop your audience as well as others right in their tracks to find out more. Once you get your audiences attention, your product is ready to shine its’ greatness upon them.

High School : Art & Design (advertising)
College : N.Y.I.T. College (advertising/marketing)
Other : First hand experience… Years in the business : 23+